The PointLeader user-friendly process for career seekers

  1. Career seeker enrolls in one of our Private Career Development Communities
  2. He/she completes the PointLeader career assessment
  3. Reviews Occupational Ladders report based on assessment results
  4. Begins using our online community resources to optimize job opportunities, including online classes, books and personal coaching
  5. Measures and tracks success on the job with our performance measure aligned to the job
  6. Networks with career interest groups in online community for mentors, opportunities and next career steps
  7. Plans and prepares for next career step

Our Occupational Ladders Approach

  1. Occupational Ladders provide a solid foundation for organizing jobs and career levels into meaningful paths
  2. Employers use to organize career paths within their organizations
  3. Recruiters use to show the potential of jobs
  4. Employees and students use to understand career opportunities
  5. Trainers and educators use to plan meaningful programs