PointLeader for Career Development

PointLeader took a research approach to the core problems of career development:

  • Old career development solutions do not fix the problems we face in the 21st Century
  • Users have historically been recipients of services—not drivers of services
  • Solutions are ad hoc—not systemic/not improving–and not validly aligned to jobs
  • Existing career measures are dated, unreliable and difficult for users to understand

The result is a career development system that provides new solutions to core problems:

  • PointLeader brings the best of research and new technology together to fit career seekers to jobs efficiently
  • Tools are user driven and user centric; the system provides accountability/responsibility by design
  • Our systemic solutions integrate all available resources into a continuous improvement model of career pathing
  • PointLeader tools are technically sound, predictive, fair, and valid

 Current State of Career Development versus Aligned Career Development

Current state of career development

Aligned Career Development