PointLeader Predictive Assessment

Talent assessments must be designed to provide useful information for decision makers or they are a waste of time for employees, HR professionals, managers and organizations; this is the objective reality upon which Dr. Davies built the PointLeader Predictive Assessment (PPA). Please refer to his blog post to learn more about the approach to building the PPA. The PPA is, by research and design, fair to all groups; valid for selecting and developing employees who will work hard, be satisfied, and not quit; and useful for identifying individual career paths based on predicted competency-related strengths and weaknesses.

The PPA is a 20-minute, online, dynamic assessment of ten dimensions that predicts job performance across competencies, jobs, industries, and organizations using a proprietary configural scoring system. It is the industry standard for providing a fair and predictive employee assessment system aligned to jobs and performance.

The PPA is:

  1. Easy to use and understand
    We have taken the guess work out of understanding how employee and job applicant assessment results are tied to job competencies for talent management. The PPA is integrated into PointLeader by alignment to the Competency Profiler.  Scores on the PPA are provided as the person’s predicted performance on each of the 40 competencies in the PointLeader model. Usability of the tool and reports by your employees and decision makers is our priority.  Ease of use is built into the PointLeader technology platform through our logic driven dashboard and cloud computing–allowing even the smallest company to effectively use the system to fit people to jobs.
  2. A valid predictor of person-job fit across industries and at all levels—from entry level jobs to CEOs.
    Return on investment is driven by validity–the PPA predicts turnover, job performance, organizational commitment, lost time accidents, absences/times tardy, failed drug tests, and employee satisfaction across industries and levels. Read our market segment reports to learn more about how the PPA has been successfully used as a part of PointLeader in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Sales, and Law Enforcement.
  3. Fair to everyone
    Based on 10 years of research with thousands of respondents, the PPA is the only assessment that is fair to all people–including Native, Hispanic & Asian Americans.  The PPA is also a fair measure across gender and generational groups. Culture is a critical aspect of career and leadership success–we built and validated the PPA to be culture-fair to all groups.
  4. Supported by ongoing training and user certification
    PointLeader will train your HR and OD staff through onsite sessions, at training conferences, and via online learning.  Please see our Events page for upcoming certification workshops.

Most importantly, applying the PPA results impacts important business outcomes for our clients.  For example, we have used the PPA to help this diverse set of clients:

  • Reduced safety risks and absenteeism for an international tire manufacturing company while increasing employee performance
  • Improved the organizational commitment of employees while reducing turnover, absenteeism, and theft for a large Native American tribal gaming and hospitality business
  • Reduced turnover in a 500 person workforce in order to increase production and profits well established manufacturing plant operating on a lean budget during a critical economic time
  • Identified predictors of leadership decision-making performance for nuclear power plant operators 
  • Reduced cost to hire of HR managers and training professionals by over $2,000 per position for a large Native American tribal government
  • Identified building principals who would lead school performance improvement for large urban school districts going through the largest budget cuts in history

For each of these clients, use of the PPA solved their problem and provided high return on investment.