PointLeader Performance Measure

The PointLeader Performance Measure (PPM) is the online performance appraisal tool within PointLeader. It is based on the best research and practices in performance measurement.  We urge you to review Dr. Davies’ research articles and blogs on models and measures of job performance measurement in order to understand the basis for the PPM.

  • The PPM measures only those aspects of an employee’s job that are important to success.
  • The PPM is linked to the US DOL job archives; it has been successfully used and validated for measuring performance for every job family in the US workforce.
  • The PPM makes it easy for employees and their managers to make accurate and clear performance ratings. Employees provide input to which competencies are measured through their competency ratings on the Competency Profiler, which increases employee acceptance of the performance rating process.
  • Performance ratings are made on five behavioral anchors that define performance on each competency, giving employees useful and specific developmental feedback, and reliable change scores for measuring development progress on each competency.
  • Competency based performance ratings are aligned to employee goals, with goal attainment metrics included with the PPM as a client option.
  • The reporting function provides an understandable basis for defining performance rewards and professional development.
  • The PPM results are aligned to the PointLeader Learning Management module for guiding employee development on critical competencies through online classrooms.
The Performance Measure is the behaviorally anchored performance measure in PointLeader that is driven by the job profile. Specifically, the competencies that are identified as most critical to the job by the job incumbent using the Competency Profiler are the ones included in the Performance Measure for that employee in that job. Employee performance is rated by the employee and the supervisor on five behavioral anchors for each critical competency for the job. The Performance Measure is sufficiently reliable for measuring changes in performance over time; therefore, it is accessible for multiple uses across time for each employee in the PointLeader, with the results of each rating archived for use in employee performance development reports.
Dr. Davies and his team believe that providing employees with job performance results without providing developmental resources creates cynicism, a sense of hopelessness, and is the path to employee withdrawal from the job and organization.  On the other hand, providing user friendly developmental resources that are clearly aligned to the critical competencies for the job, integrated with the PPM report, and provide reliable information regarding performance improvement will increase productivity and improve employee engagement.  With these outcomes in mind, Dr. Davies worked with our partners at NAMC to develop our online Private Talent Network portals with integrated LMS learning groups. Please contact us for a demonstration.
There is a very high value associated with using performance measures that provide accurate, useable feedback to employees on job related competencies. Experts estimate the value of this activity—when aligned to jobs–at over 50% of annual salary per employee! As was true of using appropriately aligned assessments, the value for using aligned performance appraisals is at least $8,000 per year per entry level employee and $50,000+ per leader per year. It is not difficult to understand why giving useful job related feedback provides high value due to motivating and directing employees to stop specific unproductive efforts, continue productive job related efforts, and to focus professional development on specific job related competency gaps. By giving the right person for the job the right performance feedback for success, you will realize much higher return on investment than the simple sum of these values—you will realize the product of these effects multiplied together.

PointLeader Performance Reports

Dr. Davies and his team continue to work with the end in mind–reports that a person will and can use to take charge of their own job performance.  We have worked with experts in the field to evaluate current solutions for reporting and data visualization using report quality, cost and system requirements as our criteria.  Our reporting solutions now include the standard PointLeader performance reports provided as pdf files through the PointLeader portal, or sent to users via email.  These reports provide static graphs of employee performance over time, or within a group, on critical job competencies.  Developmental feedback is provided with key behavioral anchors.  Goal attainment is included as a system option.

In order to provide our users with control over flexible reporting options, Dr. Davies worked with our partners at NAMC, Cityon, and Ascent to develop an online, interactive reporting solution using the Eclipse BIRT open source business intelligence software.  Please call or write for more information on this