PointLeader Competency Profiler

The PointLeader Competency Profiler is a 20-minute online job analysis questionnaire based on the PointLeader empirically validated, four domain, 40 competency job performance model benchmarked to all jobs in the US Economy through the O*NET.  Competencies are units of description for requirements of any job that are written at a mid-level, as opposed to the micro level of task descriptions. To learn more about the PointLeader competency model, please refer to Dr. Davies’ research papers and blog on this website.

Purpose of the Competency Profiler in PointLeader

A through and systematic job profile process underlies all valid, effective, and legally-defensible talent management systems. The Competency Profiler provides a user friendly job analysis integrated into PointLeader for all jobs across an organization and its businesses. The Competency Profiler takes the guess work out of aligning your jobs to predictive assessments and performance measures.

Developed by Dr. Davies and his team as a fundamental part of the PointLeader system at the competency level, the Competency Profiler places all jobs on the PointLeader standardized 40-competency model. Subject matter experts use the Competency Profiler to rate importance and frequency of the 40 competencies to success in performing a target job, and the degree to which 52 behavioral success factors improve job performance.  The primary output is a job profile of critical competencies and behaviors for performing the job successfully, which is archived in the PointLeader database for your use in conjunction with PointLeader Potential Assessment results for determining person-job fit, and for generating a PointLeader Performance Measure for rating performance of a person in a target job.

Ratings from your job experts are combined with Department of Labor O*NET national job analysis information to finalize the job profile.  Tying the job to this database provides a basis for verifying job titles, conducting compensation studies, and creating useable Position Descriptions.

Please call or email to find a time for Dr. Davies to describe the research behind the PointLeader Competency Model and Profiler.


The PointLeader Competency Model