What benefits will PointLeader tools and analytics bring to your business?

  • Maximize workforce productivity and revenues by selecting the right people for your jobs
  • Minimize employee turnover and costs by screening out those individuals with poor job fit
  • Make fair and objective personnel decisions that are legally defensible
  • Align employee performance to your business values to get the work done the way you want it done
  • Improve the long term outcomes of your leadership team decision making
  • Minimize future costs of maintaining your talent management tools and system
  • Reach your business goals and sustain your progress more effectively than with other solutions

What benefits has PointLeader provided to other businesses?

PointLeader has been validated across jobs, industries and businesses of all sizes.  Examples:

  • Maximized job fit and culture fit for customer service businesses
  • Minimized turnover and loss for retail businesses
  • Minimized absenteeism, failed drug screens and theft for hospitality and gaming businesses
  • Maximized customer satisfaction for food service businesses
  • Maximized portfolio size for sales organizations
  • Minimized turnover for manufacturing businesses
  • Maximized productivity for manufacturing businesses
  • Minimized safety risks, lost time accident rate, and absenteeism for manufacturing businesses
  • Improved leadership effectiveness for healthcare organizations
  • Improved management decision making for energy supplier
  • Improved performance management for security and law enforcement organizations
  • Maximized job fit and performance for human services organizations