About PointLeader, Inc.

PointLeader, Inc., an assessment and research publishing company, was officially formed in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2012 for the purpose of optimizing target business outcomes for our clients by leveraging human capital costs with predictive analytics by using our research based, technology enhanced measures and metrics for employers, HR professionals, consultants and career seekers. Learn more about the history of our company.

Our Mission

Optimize target outcomes (profits, sustainability, satisfaction) for businesses and their employees…
By disrupting ignorant technology solutions that have been widely marketed, and blindly accepted for ‘improving’ human resources, career development and leadership development for the past ten years…
Through a combination of 100 years of workforce research, modern psychometrics and cutting edge technology…
Providing decision makers with the data they need in a format they will use to fairly and reliably optimize outcomes for themselves and their companies.

Business Divisions

Our three divisions utilize PointLeader measures, metrics and models to improve outcomes for specific workforce segments.

PointLeader Predictive Analytics

PointLeader improves business outcomes using our predictive measures, metrics and models for applicant pre-screening, competency modeling, and performance improvement. Our automated online systems are capable of administering and scoring assessments for over 10,000 users simultaneously; additional capacity can be added for clients with unique bandwidth needs.

Our business clients include companies in manufacturing, retail sales, hospitality and gaming, food service, transportation and logistics, finance, construction and energy production.

Career Success System

PointLeader measures and metrics for business form the foundation for our career success system.  We help individuals succeed across industries and levels through useful career paths and by giving them the tools they need to take charge of their career success.

Leadership Development

The PointLeader approach to development of hi-potential leaders is grounded on research-based predictive tools, providing useful feedback with performance measures aligned to critical leadership competencies, and providing the leaders with the tools they need to optimize their potential success by identifying, developing, and retaining future leadership talent. The PointLeader solution is a competency aligned approach using specially designed talent management measures and metrics in a predictive model for optimizing target business outcomes.